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10 Responses

  1. Drama Era says:

    I love you you much better than today’s new singer.I love your all songs.Best song to fall in feelings of your love❤️❤️

  2. Zakky Manurung says:

    I’m crying

  3. Adam Gaming - Fortnite and More says:


  4. flower milf says:

    After hearing this I can have my moment of blues again ?


    like for him
    messi is beeter than ronaldo

  6. AT Cloud says:

    0:0 – 3:36 feel nostalgic

  7. Alpha Gabbie says:

    who”s watching here at philippines?

  8. Ifrim Lucica says:

    Am ajuns la concluzia ca. Giani a avut dreptate. Stefan si. Alex il urrasc pe. Ionut nici nu l lasa sa vorbeasca dar nu au incotro fiindca e cel mai bun si trebuie sa l accepte fiindca el le finalizeaza.partidele eu i as trimite pe ei sa i fac sa inteleaga ca trebuie sa nu l mai jigneasca inclusiv. Roxana cind a spus. Ionut ca v am adus in casa ea a replicat ca echipa amuncit

  9. andrixgaming 17 says:


  10. Study All Time-SAT says:

    anyone on 10 May 2018?

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