DJ Snake and Sheck Wes ft. Offset, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane – Enzo –

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10 Responses

  1. Caroline Owusu- Sechere says:

    Dis song be dope keep the fire burning

  2. mynamekree says:

    they all did good on they verses but songs like this get overlooked

  3. Deatification says:

    Tbh sheck wes kinda ruined the song

  4. I Make Funny Comments says:

    Who’s here for DJ Snake’s iconic beats?

  5. Ecirf says:

    Is this the DJ Khaled’s killer ?

  6. sami man says:

    Offset ??

  7. Seth Rogen says:

    Never like a comment that starts with “like if”

  8. Sochukwukamma Chime says:

    Today on my way to go to football i saw a ferrari
    Immiedatly my head

  9. Ashith Rai T says:

    Thumbs Up for loosing expectation

  10. K-CASH TV says:

    OFFSET, 21 SAVAGE ???

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