DJ Khaled ft. Travis Scott, Post Malone – Celebrate –

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10 Responses

  1. Ukupar says:

    it that a film scene? so much better

  2. Gabriel Chilson says:

    Why is DJ Khaled the owner if all these songs but he just says we the best music

  3. Carlos Eduardo says:

    Por favor parade ficar falando no meio da musica DJ Khaled pelo amor de Deus

  4. Amanda Oliveira says:


  5. Evyien Cordova says:

    Dj Khaled lowkey saying we the best music kills the vibe of the song

  6. valerio t says:

    Rega potete votare qui? Se vinco ve lo faccio battezzare a voi “titolo dracarys” –>

  7. Miyako28 Luna says:

    I’m only here for Posty. ?

  8. Ross J says:

    This song would be 10 times better if DJ Khaled would stop saying “we the best music” and “DJ Khaled” all the time smh

  9. Desiree Lynn says:

    Travis look like he don’t even wanna be there lol. What kinda lip synching is that?

  10. Yonzy says:

    The best song in the album

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