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  1. Ralad says:

    If you use Reddit, I’ve got a subreddit up for James Bulger. Feel free to subscribe to start a conversation or keep up with news regarding him or his killers.

  2. Conor Mcgregor says:

    I hear the parents didn’t consent to this so fuck the producers and the actors and let’s hope one day people aren’t making films about your dead children without your consent

  3. paige slater says:

    The actor that plays jon venables is amazing at acting and the real murderers are no different from pedos because of their age difference and how could they beat a toddler like that

  4. paige slater says:

    Why does Jon Venables dress and look like horrid henry

  5. Reilly Seddon says:

    Ban this film no respect for the family of James

  6. Abbie Hunter says:

    How dare you do this movie without even having his parents consent! That was a 2 year old little boy James. No need to make money out of this! This was awful and sickening but the system have made it worse!

  7. Abbie Hunter says:

    These two should’ve been locked up for life!!

  8. Amber Lilith says:

    I cried just watching the Venables’scenes

  9. tavo m says:

    The British response to this crime made me ashamed to be British. Killing a child is a terrible thing. Celebrating when two children lose the rest of their lives is also a terrible thing. Too much anger not enough sadness.

  10. Steve Kingston says:

    I was the Production Designer on Detainment, here is an article from someone very close to the case, its important to read if you want to understand why we made this film…

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