Denzel Washington in Fences –

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4 Responses

  1. bangkok bettybella says:

    ลุงเดน แสดงสมบทบาท

  2. money520 says:

    I wanted to contact Denzel but I don’t know how but I just wanted to let
    him know after watching this movie being a cracker I’ve grower up as poor
    as they come and I’ve worked my ass off to make a dollar to support my own,
    this movie has giving me goose bumps as I know I know I don’t want my boys
    to be nothing like me but also be just like me. This movie has got to me
    like no other has and for that I thank you sir for giving me a better
    outlook god bless you!!

  3. stupreme says:

    Great film. Felt so bad for that son tho

  4. uppanadam74 says:

    Go Denzel!!

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