Den of Thieves (2018 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. MerricMaker says:

    It appears to be Heat 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  2. bitu mishra says:

    It all depends on the directors vision this could have been a shit movie.

  3. John Kimmel says:

    Too low-rent and the premise is overdone.

  4. Dantino_ XD says:

    M.A.A.D City

  5. RPG 808 says:

    Look for Max “Blessed” Holloway in this. UFC 145 Division World Champion baby! “It is what it is.” This looks smokin.’

  6. Brennan Bowyer says:

    Someone at the studio really likes kdot…

    So do I

  7. 7ETRNL says:

    this is just a remake of HEAT. Don’t know if it’s going to be as half as good as heat was though.

  8. darian nelson says:

    I am thinking GTA lol

  9. Ursoli says:

    why does Gerard Butler always has a toothpick in all of his movies lol – like how he does at 01:01

  10. Ethan Jones says:

    Gta v? The movie

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