Calvin Harris – Faking It ft. Kehlani, Lil Yachty –

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10 Responses

  1. Kennedy Harper says:

    I wish this had all the background vocals from the audio. I was waiting for the “fuck you and you” and the ending where Yachty was like “go lani go lani”

  2. Víctor Sánchez Manzano says:

    Visual poetry

  3. Qawiiah Bisiriyu says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the whole entire song, and I’m not hating.
    But as much as I loved Lil yachty’s verse,

    Why was he putting pepperoni on a girl’s face to make her look like a creature?
    1. That’s kinda gross
    2. Its also weird
    3. Now he’s gonna be all depressed when he eats pizza instead of enjoying it like you should be.
    4. Just……no



    I don’t really like Yachty but he done pretty good

  5. NiQue says:


  6. Filipe Marcondes Domingues says:

    FURACÃO 2000 GALERA ??

  7. Malachi Douglas says:

    So beautiful. My favorite song of 2017 because of how good it flows. Especially when Lil Yachty changes up the flow. I even like the pepperoni verse

  8. 333toxin says:

    The start ??

  9. Marcos Paulo says:

    Música é boa

  10. Mountain Craig says:

    The boss lady right here people

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