Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) – Feat. Cardi B –

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10 Responses

  1. Kenneth Tran says:

    Bruno will go down as the only Asian to be able to rock an Afro

  2. Dave's Arts says:

    michael jackson doesn’t look dead

  3. Rareform B says:

    Nice living color

  4. Ligia Morais says:

    Viciei nessa music <3

  5. Robert Rivera says:

    I am healthy. My crops are thrivining. My ears are in bliss. All is well.

  6. Liza Lato says:

    Listening to this because of Bruno Mars ?✨

  7. Koro Taylor says:

    This song has so much vibes!?

  8. Wegee 02 says:

    The song starts at 0:33

    Thank me later

  9. Rosa Paula SR says:

    Algun Latinoamericano?????

  10. Jasmine Paige Rodriguez says:


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