Becky G and Digital Farm Animals ft. Rvssian – Next To You –

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10 Responses

  1. Becky G says:

    Can’t believe it’s finally here! I had so much fun making this one with my friends Digital Farm Animals and Russian! Hope you guys love #NextToYou just as much as we loved creating it!! ??

  2. Matt says:

    Get it girl! More people need to listen to your music!! You killed it!!!

  3. Jalen Dann says:

    Few seconds in and like “bad bitch” anthem for summer 2019

  4. Jessica Jacobs says:

    Love love love love LOVEEEEEEE!

  5. Lucifer Widow says:

    Becky G constantly makes music more than I keep up with my waterly intake ???

  6. Seerat Tayyiba says:

    just amazing. loved it.

  7. Xrisa Ka says:

    My Queen ???

  8. Eddie Gomez says:

    This song is UNDERRATED !!!

  9. Mirian Diaz says:

    At 2:49 danm Becky. That’s a bad Bich right there.?????

  10. gamerserver1 says:

    Where are the nudes of her? fucking smokin!

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