Arcade Fire – Everything Now –

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  1. sannemrye says:

    Dancing queen !

  2. ThisSeptemberMusic says:

    Long Live ROCK’N’ROLL!
    our New Video for ‘Girlfriend’ just dropped. Please Check it out on our Channel

  3. joseyjnr28 says:


  4. Рустам Кунашев says:


  5. Jayson Nessi says:

    Religion is the schism between Man and god. I share this not to frustrate nor castigate those who still live under the paradigm purported by modern religion and its followers. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom to be found in the Bible, if the Bible is read with a clear mind, an open heart, and the understanding of its original purpose and origin. In fact, if anything, we may consider that the Council of Nicaea did us a favor by combining the wisdom of the original spiritual texts so that they could be read as one, but it is dangerous to misunderstand the nature of them and to consider them as anything other than powerful metaphors and allegories.

    Ultimately each and every individual is responsible for their own concept of reality and what they do or do not believe; what I am sharing with you is that there is something tremendously more real and more powerful than belief itself, and it lives deep inside of each and every one of us. Modern religion has been hiding the truth for thousands of years.

    We live in a world where sensitivity has become the antithesis of the personality traits of confidence and power. Thousands of years ago Man understood the inherently powerful sensitive and intuitive nature of women, and it scared them. It scared them so much that they took advantage of women, they developed a world where women had less conventional “rights”, because they were made vulnerable by what women could perceive naturally. Our culture is afraid of sensitivity because it is sensitivity that wakes us up from the dream of our material reality and the illusion of power, wealth and authority. It is those who have chosen to “have” the least that tend to Know the most and it is those whom often choose to “say” the least that Understand the most. This is true power; this is true confidence. The Jesus character in the Bible understood and shared this in many ways.

    Furthermore, look no further than the majority of American politicians, world leaders, religious and authority figures– the very men (occasionally women) we have entrusted to make the decisions that will affect humanity for decades to come, to find the very least sensitive, most hyper-egotistical, destructive and selfish people one could ever fathom.

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