Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge –

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6 Responses

  1. kala A says:

    Watched this film tonight, by far the best film I’ve seen in a long time,
    made me emotional at the end! Def go to watch this film!!!!

  2. Interesting World says:

    Did anyone feel more emotional during Hugo Weaving’s scenes rather than the

  3. ceili says:

    Battle scenes were good, but the rest of was typical Hollywood romanticised
    over the top BULLSHIT!

  4. Verda Romp says:

    *Hacksaw Ridge |Full Movie Available Now :*

  5. nelson kuala says:

    amazing movie

  6. John James says:

    This film is amazing. The battle scenes stick two fingers up to Spielberg
    and Saving Private Boring

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