Alessia Cara – Growing Pains –

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10 Responses

  1. Just Yara says:

    You’re amazing u inspire me a lot especially when I’m down and feel like the whole world is against me I look up to u ur my idol and my saviour ?thank u

  2. fashion line says:

    There truth in every word she wrote in songs

  3. steve matterson says:

    listen this song and CRYING ? hate being 26 and the Growing Pains are keeping me up at night.???

  4. Andrea Viguera Baran says:

    This was posted on my brothers birthday!

  5. Andrea Viguera Baran says:

    Amazing song and the video was awesome good work you are EXTREMELY TALENTED!!!!!! Love from Montreal <3

  6. Whophie says:

    i feel this song so much rn.. recently finished my first year at university so been away from home for a while. being 20 and starting that independence thing as well as not losing track of your past is rather hard haha…. always loved Alessia’s music <3

  7. عبدالله الحميدي says:

    I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH!!!????

  8. عبدالله الحميدي says:

    I love you so much!!

  9. Nathalia V. says:

    QUEEEN. This music talks much about me ❤

  10. Alecia Wood says:

    i dont like the video i dont get it its kinda weird

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