Alessia Cara – A Little More –

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10 Responses

  1. Bij Grace says:

    Shes so precious omg I LOVE YOU ALESSIAAAAA0

  2. Yan Yee says:

    This girl always made ma days..

  3. Laura Queiroz says:

    she’s the most adorable human being❤

  4. Mohit Kumar says:

    Heart touching voice ???

  5. Johnny Moraes says:


  6. Maria claudia Bojorques espinoza says:

    Alguien de mexico?

  7. Beverly Ninah says:

    My kinda love for you?????

  8. thipavan intharakhosit says:

    You’re amazing???

  9. Alyssa Music says:

    This song is good for listening calmly.

  10. yogesh sharma says:

    Who cares about number of views when u have a beautiful song playing in ur headphones

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