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10 Responses

  1. Jovany Roblero says:

    Did he ever got his green card? ?

  2. drizzy scrr says:

    4L Live ??????????????????????????????

  3. April Barr says:

    He put her out and she still taking pictures like so I’m still the ishhh ?????? rolling as she fell off the suitcase ????????

  4. Nikki Jackson says:

    each new 21 song is his greatest yet. I love your evolution savage ??❤️

  5. 2shayyy Toúshae says:

    Song so underrated Mfkas don’t eeen know ???

  6. Pape Medoune Fall says:

    how many times have I replayed this video ?

    *A Lot*

  7. Wait What says:

    You heard about that too he left a ? smell

  8. Elizaveta Tjumenceva says:


  9. matt trott says:

    Rather have loyalty than love cause love don’t mean jack ?

  10. MobileMaster Gaming says:

    You out of detention yet

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