2017 Brit Awards winners are David Bowie… – ipasm.com

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  1. George Carlin The African Sun says:

    One of the best Album of the year and read the comment section. It’s embarrassing. I don’t hate this song or David Bowie, but “What’s the meaning of this song Rolling Stone Magazine?” Answer me? Anyone? It’s amazing. This makes me sick. This is bullshit. Even David Bowie is laughing and he is dead. Excuse me, I’m talking to David Bowie right now… Hello David Bowie,,,, You won a Grammy,


  2. Liberty Trump says:

    Is he Major Tom?

  3. Mr Mushroom says:

    Is that Major Tom?

  4. camelshit says:

    Yea! David is above awards, I know.. But still, congratulations to him for winning both British Male Solo Artist and Mastercard British Album Of The Year at the BRIT Awards 2017 !
    David, you’re the best kook ever, you’re simply unique.

  5. Rafal Tomaszek says:


  6. Adilkhan Tleuzhanov says:

    Zozo would love this!!!!

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