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10 Responses

  1. mohaimen khan says:

    Looks really good, hyped for the movie

  2. Fatima Siddiqui says:

    Chris Hemsoworth’s american accent is so weird

  3. Blanca Chavala says:

    Ben O’Toole where are you :(((

  4. Fred420m says:

    Feel like this is gonna be a box office fail

  5. CJ Laity says:

    OMG this looks like a pile of stupid propaganda bullshit. Totally unnecessary.

  6. parthib Ray says:

    Chris Hemsworth looks like a pretty girl in those army suits

  7. Mohammad Ayazi says:

    I only know that it was produced to justify US military presence in the Middle East, Keep on making shitty movies

  8. Oscar Martinez says:

    Nothing to see here more propaganda for the military industrial complex and the US government to murder hundred of thousands of innocent people.

  9. Spartan2228 says:

    So much negativity in the comments. This true story (yes it’s true, research before talking shit) is about 12 brave men at its core. So don’t criticize it by bringing up politics, government, or the army as a whole.

  10. michalsavatar7 says:

    More American propaganda bullshit. Everyone knows 9-11 was a CIA/MOSSAD false flag attack.

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